Story and photos submitted by Karen

My dog, Pete, was found along the side of a highway in South Carolina. He was bleeding and the people who found him thought he was hit by a car. They took him to a vet and found out he was buckshot in the face. His eyes were damaged. They tried to save them but couldn't. He had to have both eyes removed. He came to me right after his surgery as a foster but we adopted him pretty quickly. He's amazing! Totally unfazed at being blind. 

In the home who temporary fostered him after his eye removal, he broke out of a crate and snuck through a 7 inch cat door to meet his foster mom at the front door. 

He runs everywhere. He knows where everything in the house is. We've moved and he still figured things out. We've taken him to the dog park and he romps and plays and jumps on and off the wall. He is happy and confident and loves life! 

For videos and more pictures of Pete click here!