Story and photos submitted by Karen

In 2011, I was sent a picture of a terribly sad, defeated looking older blind Beagle. I offered to foster her through Blind Dog Rescue Alliance. She came to me, "very old", according to her vets, with a heart murmur, blind from glaucoma, with 2 cancerous masses on her abdomen, and unable to walk around the block. 

We had the cancer removed, and took her to see an ophthalmologist and a cardiologist. She was getting better, but was still old and sick. We decided that we didn't think she would live much longer, and we didn't want to make her get used to a new home, so we adopted her. 

Then she started to improve. I have a video of her running down the street on her walk (on leash of course!). The cancer didn't return. Her murmur didn't worsen. And she took over the house. 

If the other dogs got on our bed when she was up there she got mad. If another blind dog banged into her she would give a growl. If people came over she didn't know she would bark and bark. She would put her 2 front paws on the furniture and wait for someone to pick her up. 

She reigned over our house for 5 years. The old little dog who we didn't think would live long. We lost her a year ago and there's still a big hole.