Story and photos submitted by Elizabeth

I want to thank you for your book,  Unconditional. My Mom sent it to me and I read it cover to cover with tears of happiness. It is such a joy to hear those stories.

Please meet my 10-year-old basset hound, Elmo, who was recently photographed by my neighbor and friend, Aiden Hoyal. She made this collage and I wanted to share his story.

Elmo was born in Georgia and came to me in Tennessee at 6 months old. He was high energy with lots of anxiety. Through unconditional love and his doggie daycare, he blossomed into a sweet angel. He is my shadow, my human and my love. He just turned 10 and still loves his daycare, long walks, string cheese and naps. I am forever grateful to be his Mom and hope you enjoy his collage.