Story and photo submitted by Gabriela

I got Tuti when I turned 12. Her mother belonged to some friends of ours, so I actually met her from the day she was born. I was born and raised in Colombia and 2 years ago decided to make a life changing career move and came to the US. I decided I wanted to ride horses professionally so I went to South Carolina for 6 months and left Tuti in Colombia. After that, I got a new job in New York and went back to get her.

Tuti was 12 at the time and my family was very reluctant for me to take her with me. She had always been a house dog and she had to learn how to be a barn dog at that age. Because she got to be out at such a big place during the day her health actually improved and she became more active. I take her everywhere with me because she doesn't know how to be by herself and she also became my emotional support animal. It's just me and her so in a way we are all the other one has here.

At this point she has heart disease and recently got diagnosed with arthritis in one of her elbows so in order to keep her extra healthy she gets heart medication and 2 exams a year and we started some physical therapy for her arthritis and it really seems to help; it's amazing how well she looks for 14! She's my whole life so I do my best to give her the best quality of life and make sure she's a happy pup!

In the past year and a half that she's been in the US with me she's become a regular traveler going back and forth to Colombia, she's had 3 surgeries, met the snow and the beach for the first time ever and has learned to coexist with horses. Very adventurous life for her!