Story and photo submitted by Carol

Roxie came to me as a stray. She had been living under an abandoned porch in Claremont, NH with 8 puppies. While she was out scavenging for food (I can only assume this), police personnel came in and took the puppies to the ASPCA in Springfield, VT. Roxie was then frightened and angry and had to be noosed in order to be brought into Staples Veterinary where we found her for adoption. I am told it took many days for the vet techs to win her trust and be able to pet and bath her.

She has been my baby ever since and has done everything with me when I am not at work. She was my walking partner for 14 years, averaging 2-4 miles a day three to four times a week, she loves to kayak with me, and at 15 1/2 tried her hand at paddle boarding! She loves riding in my husband's truck every weekend in the summer for a couple hours for our weekend at the cottage which is 75 miles away.

She is now mostly blind, deaf, and old but still awakes at 4:30 am to go do business! The end is coming I am sure, but I treasure every minute we have left together.