Story and photo submitted by Kate

Last summer, someone spotted a little dog in a dirty abandoned car. After passing the car for 3 days, that person alerted a local cat rescue and immediately the volunteers were out there and removed the little dog. She was dehydrated, disoriented, and hungry, but with medical care and attention, she improved each day. Her age was estimated to be 18-19 yrs. Granma was toothless and her one eye had to be removed due to severe glaucoma. After a month of hanging out at the cat rescue, Granma was ready to go into a fospice home. We happily added her to our pack.

We knew it wouldn't be a long visit, but it was important to us to make it a spectacular time for Granma. She had a great appetite, so she was allowed to eat whenever she wanted. She loved to find the sunny spots, so she'd move from spot to spot soaking up the warmth. And Granma loved walking! Yes, she did. She didn't wear a leash or collar so we'd take her to the hills where she'd wander and sniff and explore. She went to San Francisco, Carmel, Pool Parties, and World Series BBQs. Life ended on a very high note! Finally, after three months of living large and being a superstar, it was time for Granma to leave us. I enjoyed our time together and I was happy to be the one to help make her final three months special!

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