Since 2012, Jane Sobel Klonsky has traveled the country, meeting and photographing old dogs and their people. Her subjects have been people of varied backgrounds and dogs of many sizes and breeds, each with their own unique story.  Her series, Project Unconditional, captures these beautiful senior dogs in photographs and celebrates the bonds of unconditional love they share with humans. These photos of Clementine and her people would become the first in a series that Jane called Unconditional.

For each of her subjects, Jane has collected personal narratives–accounts and anecdotes of their lives intertwined with their canine companions –which bring even more depth to the photos.

Through her project, Jane has also connected with nonprofit organizations, many whose goal is to rescue and find homes for abandoned senior dogs, and her photographs of senior dogs with their fosters or adopters provides an added dimension to Project Unconditional.


Praise for
Project Unconditional PHOTO SERIES

Jane has brought her strong photographic sensibilities to explore a delicate and moving subject in a profoundly touching way. It’s a subject that seems tailor-made for the warmth that comes naturally to her images, and yet also enables her to open out and reveal a strong documentary edge.
— Lewis Blackwell, award winning creative director & bestselling, critically-acclaimed author
No matter if you’re a dog person or not, it’s all about sharing, and Jane is wonderfully generous with her compassionate eye and warm heart.
— Pete Turner, award winning photographer
A camera in Jane’s hand is like that cliché “the eyes are the window to the soul”. That is her gift. She captures not only the image but the spirit, the essence , the heart of her subject...The magic of love, the healing of a caring glance and the true power of soul mates. The strength of love in any form is what sustains us and never more evident than in this most recent series Jane is presenting.
— Susan Lee Grant, artist, NYC
How do you photograph an emotional connection? Jane weaves a tapestry, warm and playful, poignant and touching, of bonds nurturing a major sub-set of our culture. The connection between humans and their dogs is by its nature transient and its loss can be wrenching. Jane artfully captures the essence of this connection and the poignance of its transience in a way that will fill an important niche in this book genre.
— Ed Morrow, Co-Founder, Northshire Bookstore